About me


I’m Jean-François Declercq.

I’m the webmaster of many websites (www.jfdeclercq.com, jfdeclercq.wordpress.com, appepaper.com, eavolution.com…)

My Work

I’m a Civil Engineer in Computer Sciences and an MBA.  (cfr my CV).

I work since several years as a “Software Engineer”. I worked for Cediti (an UCL spin-off), Software AG, HP and IBM.

In 2010 I have taken 1 year sabbatical leave in order to start new activities in the field of ePaper and eReading (electronic Reading). I have launched a new website : http://www.appepaper.com/

Today I still focus on “Digital Reading” ICT systems. For example, I design systems which allow to buy, rent or lend e-books.

But my work activities are still diversified : ICT Architecture (mostly SOA), eReading and Social Maketing (new), you can read about all of them on my professional blog : http://jfdeclercq.biz/

My Leisures

I like sports. I have been doing football (soccer), water-polo, horse-riding and tennis in the past, but today I focus on cycling (montain bike, road bike, spinning). You can see me playing water-polo (scoring a goal) here : MyFirstYouTubeVideo.

I also like travelling a lot.

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